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Mail Druck + Medien GmbH has drawn the right conclusions from the market development. Today, the medium-sized company specializes in the completely digital production of self-adhesive roll labels. The company has set up a production line with which even small batch sizes of self-adhesive roll labels can be produced economically. As a pioneer in digital printing, the first colour printing systems were introduced in 1993. More than 20 years ago, we gained experience in digital web printing technology with the production of the smallest print runs. Digital printing offers enormous advantages in this respect, as no more printing plates or plates are needed and the corresponding set-up costs are eliminated. For the first time ever, digital printing made it possible to produce even the smallest of runs economically. Due to the principle of digital web-fed printing, this printing process was also ideal for the production of multicolour adhesive labels.

Adhesive labels also in small editions, manufactured and delivered at short notice. Special shapes and countless variations are our speciality. Thanks to digital printing and laser cutting technology, there are no tools or printing form costs. Sales-boosting self-adhesive labels bring your product to the front!

Digital printing technology is used to produce labels in a wide variety of shapes and sizes in varying editions. Conventional die-cutting of the labels slows down the rational workflow again, however, as a separate die tool/cutting plate has to be produced and set up for each label type. For this unsatisfactory situation, Mail Druck + Medien looked intensively for a solution in 2007 and, together with a mechanical engineering partner, developed a laser cutting system for finishing the roll adhesive labels. Laser cutting has been used in the metal industry for a long time, but for cutting paper the system had to be further developed in order to eliminate discoloration at the label edges and enable production "on the fly". In the meantime, the complete systems at Mail Druck + Medien are running completely digitally in a highly automated workflow. Any type and quantity of roll sticky labels can be produced in high quality without stopping.

In addition to the classic printing processes, our specialties are digital printing and in particular the production of roll adhesive labels with laser cutting systems. Here we do not need any printing plates and dies for production (world's first). Laser cutting thus complements the advantages of digital printing and cost-effective production of labels, even in short runs, is now finally economically possible. As early as 2008, we will be producing labels using this patented process.

The digital printing systems used for label production use odourless dry toner, which is approved for direct and indirect contact with foodstuffs. The toner complies with the strict FDA requirements and also the Swiss food regulations. Certificates and approvals are also available for many brand-name companies.

Of course, the advantages are not only important for food labels, but these ecological properties are also a strong argument for all other label consumers when it comes to protecting the environment.

Food certified inks that do not contain any mineral oils or solvents are generally used for printing. Production is completely digital, without the use of plastic printing plates or chemically developed printing plates. Even the punching dies are no longer necessary, as innovative laser cutting technology is used.

Mail Druck + Medien manufactures film labels made from renewable resources under the brand name of Das grüne Etikett®. Adhesive labels are also produced on recycled paper, stone paper and grass paper.

Great importance is attached to environmentally friendly production.

Digital printing technology is used to produce labels in a wide variety of shapes and sizes in varying editions. Conventional die-cutting of labels slows down the rational workflow.

As a solution for this, Mail Druck + Medien GmbH developed and patented a laser cutting system for the finishing of roll adhesive labels in 2007.

Laser cutting has been in use for a long time in the metal industry, but for cutting paper it is not very well known and hardly used at all. This technique has only received a little more attention in recent years. Our fully automated production lines are the result of ten years of experience with laser cutting systems.

Today, any type and quantity of self-adhesive roll labels can be produced in high quality in the shortest possible time. There is also no need to produce printing forms and expensive punching tools and die plates. A cost saving which we gladly pass on to our customers.

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