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Request a quote for your labels

Our internet shops are not available at the moment! We are currently adding our new biomaterials and other news to our calculations. Please send us your label inquiry with this request form. We will immediately advise you personally. Thank you for your understanding.


Label Data

*Mandatory Fields

If you do not fill in the following fields, we will calculate the most economical price for you.

  • direction of rotation
  • Number of labels per roll
  • max. roll diameter

Select the shape of the labels. rectangular, oval, round, special shape (figural). In contrast to other suppliers, there are no additional die-cutting costs for you, even with joinable special shapes, as all labels are flexibly processed/punched with laser cutting machines. The standard corner radius is 2 mm. A corner radius of 1 mm is always required for the slide.

Dimensions: Please indicate the desired label width in mm. The maximum label width is 470 mm.
Dimensions: Please indicate the desired label height in mm. The maximum label height is 1000 mm.

How should your label stand on the web? Narrow or wide side ahead, please select. If your label is round or square, please select this item.

The direction of rotation is defined as the position of the text or motifs on the label when unwinding from the roll.

In the case of external winding, the print image of the labels is on the outside of the roll, and in the case of internal winding, the print image is on the inside. External winding is standard for us. An internal winding requires a further production step, which means an extra charge in the calculation.

Please indicate the quantity you need. Do you want offers in different quantities? Then enter them separated by commas and we will create a graduated price for you.

Would you like to order more than one type of label format?
Then enter the total number of different varieties in the input field. Select whether you only want one variety/motif per roll (also called single-origin) or several varieties/motifs one after the other on a roll (rolling).
If you only want one variety/motif, please select "no" in the menu.

For your labels you can choose between the following colour variants:

  • Euroscale: All images and fonts are obtained from 4 process colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black).
  • Euroscale + White: All images and fonts are obtained from 4 process colors. For special effects you can also use white as a special color. The additional white ink is only required for transparent material and grass paper.
  • Black: The labels are only printed in black and have no additional colour Our luminescent papers are generally only printed in black.
  • Special colours: Special colours are achieved in Euroscale (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). For this purpose we use a professional colour management system.

Select the desired material for your labels. Further materials can be offered on request.

Varnishing: Our UV varnish is a protective varnish that ensures and optimizes the scratch resistance of the motif on the label. Our protective varnish can be overwritten. This is necessary if the labels have to be printed later in thermal transfer printing or in the inkjet. This is usually unproblematic. As we cannot guarantee this, we recommend a test in advance in case of doubt.

The inner diameter of the core is measured. The wall thickness of the cardboard core is also approx. 3 mm.
76 mm is the standard core diameter. For other core diameters we have to calculate an extra charge.

If you would like to process the labels manually, we determine the specifications of the roll labels such as direction of travel and labels per roll. You will then receive the best price.

Please specify the number of labels per roll or the max. roll diameter in mm only if you absolutely need it. These specifications usually lead to higher material usage or subsequent production steps, and thus to a higher price.

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