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Food packaging - nothing is more versatile! They are made of paper, cardboard, various packaging films, plastics, glass or metal. In all conceivable shapes and formats. Packaging always comes into direct or indirect contact with the food. Sometimes even the label itself is labelled directly on the food (e. g. apple).

Food labelling takes place under a wide variety of conditions: wet and cold environments, some of which are already deep-frozen, some hot-filled and some chilled. A label must withstand many thermal fluctuations. Thermal changes during transport in crates, cartons or on pallets are also always an issue - a label must be able to cope with all this safely and must also comply with all foodstuffs and packaging regulations. This requires materials with high-performance, food-grade, vegan and biodegradable adhesives, matched to the respective application and printed with food-safe inks.

Subsequent printing for expiration dates, quantities, ingredients or codes is often also desired. This is almost always possible with standard thermal transfer or inkjet printers.

Example: Sealing labels, The Green Label® (food-safe labels), food labelling, product labels, frozen food labels

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