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The cosmetics industry is one of the sectors in which the appearance of packaging plays a central role. Everything that should care for us and make us beautiful must "come over" at the first sight of the packaging. This applies not only to the design with gold foil, silver foil or elegant opaque white, but also to the material quality of the cosmetic labels.

In addition, a label in the cosmetics industry must withstand heavy demands and reflect the exclusivity and luxury of the product even after a long period of time. High-quality materials combined with refinements give your cosmetics the right look.

The choice of materials is varied and includes almost everything from exclusive paper to transparent foils. Depending on target group, taste and product value.

Contact us. Together with you, we develop the appropriate labels for the labelling of your products. From material selection to printing implementation.

Example: Tube label, anti-aircraft label, closure, seal or product label

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