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Company History

The traditional Bünder printing and media company

Past | Present | Future

The traditional Bünder Druck- und Medienbetrieb was founded by Joseph Mail and his son Albert in 1934 in Eschstraße 33 in Bünde / Westphalia. Joseph Mail was a lithographer and artist (painter). The company was relocated to Bismarckstraße 26 in 1951. In 1979, Joachim Mail took over the company and restructured it from letterpress to offset printing. In 2000 a new building was erected on Weseler Strasse.

In addition to the classic printing processes, digital printing with innovative laser die-cutting technology, completely without printing forms, printing plates, printing plates and dies/sheets with a highly automated workflow is nowadays the main focus of production. Mail Druck + Medien was thus the first company in 2008 to produce self-adhesive roll labels completely digitally and fully automated, from ordering to shipping the goods.

After our company was a pioneer of digital printing, developed a highly innovative, patented laser die-cutting technology and combined it all into fully automated production processes, we will continue to develop new technologies in the future - constantly for the benefit and advantage of our customers. We look forward to the future.

Stefan Mail

Stefan Mail has been active in the printing and media industry for more than 30 years. After a well-founded technical and commercial training with business management degrees, Stefan Mail took over the management of the printing company in 1993. In the early 1990s he introduced the first digital colour printing systems. Today, the medium-sized company specializes in the completely digital production of print products, especially roll adhesive labels. In 2007, Stefan Mail developed a patented laser cutting process for the production of roll adhesive labels without cost-intensive die-cutting tools/stamping plates. Mail Druck + Medien was thus the first company to produce roll adhesive labels completely digitally and fully automated, from ordering to shipping.

Commitment to the future of the printing and media industry

Stefan Mail has been a member of the Central Printing and Media Committee since 1999, a member of the Education Policy Committee of the Printing and Media Associations since 2002, Vice-Chairman of the Examination Committees of the East Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the professions of digital media designer, print and print media technologist, and since 2009 Vice Chairman of the Digital Printing Section of the Verband Druck + Medien Nord-West e. V. (Association of Printing + Media North-West) since 2009. Since 2008, he has been a permanent expert for the professions in the printing and media industry. Since 2017 he has been a member of the Advisory Board of the Board of Directors of Verband Druck und Medien Nord-West e. V., and since 2017 he has been Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Bundesverband Druck.

Resource- and environment-friendly production processes and sustainable material selection are very important to me. To love the environment! I love my job in this company and look forward to shaping the future with innovations and vision.

Stefan Mail, CEO

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